Anchors : Tenn PK Wedge Anchors

Providing a secure, heavy-duty insitu anchorage for attachments to concrete, Tenn PK Wedge Anchors give complete support in shear for a stronger fastening against dynamic side loads, and are specifically designed for quick and ready installation.

Comprising a high strength steel boll with a tough expansion collar, PK Wedge Anchors are set by torque and are suitable for either preset or through-fix installations. To ensure a durable, high performance anchorage with high pull-out values, the collar is specifically designed to give controlled expansion within the base material:
High clamping loads
PK Anchor does not depend on bottom of hole to expand and therefore may be used in overdrilled holes
No special setting tools required
Smaller drill-hole diameter than any other expansion anchor
Available in 4 versions:
Carbon steel, zinc plated
Carbon steel, hot-dip galvanized
Stainless steel, Grade 304 (A2)
Stainless steel, Grade 316 (A4)


Tenn PK Wedge Anchor is a steel stud bolt with a nut and a washer on one end. The other end has a uniformly tapered mandrel around which an expansion collar is fitted. When the nut is tightened, the sleeve slightly expands and engages the wall of the hole preventing the anchor from turning in the hole. With further tightening, the tapered mandrel travels up the sleeve forcing it to expand and grip the sides of the hole.

Features of PK Wedge Anchor

1. Extra long thread
2. Expansion collar designed to clinch wall of drill-hole to prevent turning during setting
3. High taper base permits re-expansion when re-tightening is necessary

PK Anchor's Long Tread Advantage
Long thread accommodates various matedal thicknesses at the same embedment. One anchor length saves installation time and money.
Long thread feature overcomes subsurface obstruction problems.

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