Pneumatic : B+BTEC HaC Hammer Capsules

HaC Hammer Capsules are still the easiest and fastest way to achieve safe anchorage of rehar dowels in concrete or rock.
The HaC adhesive has excellent "wetting" characteristics thanks to its super low viscosity. The resin flows easily and rapidly into the irregularities along the surface of the drill-hole and the anchor to achieve consistently high bonding loads and keying effects.
Due to its ability to "find" pores and cavities along the surface of the drill-hole for keying effects, HaC can be used even in diamond cored holes.
Thin-walled HaC glass is designed to shatter into small fragments and not large shards, The glass fragments provide a scrubbing effect that cleans the wall of the drill-hole thereby enhancing keying effects.
No twisting or turning of the rebaris necessary. The rebar will self-center in the HaC adhesive thus assuring that all the contacting surfaces are completely and uniformly coated with adhesive.
May be used in any hole orientation - vertical horizontal and overhead.
Excess HaC resin emerges from the hole to provide visual proof of full bonding and proper installation. This cuts the costs of site supervision.
Long shelf life- up to 36 months when stored in unopened canons in a cool dry place.

B+BTEC HaC is a two-part structural adhesive contained in a special glass capsule. The adhesive is based on epoxy-acrylate resin and is designed for use as a high strength, fast-curing and non-shrink anchoring material. The HaC capsule is placed in a hole drilled in hardened concrete, The liquid resin and resin hardener components are combined and catalysed when the steel anchor is hammered into the capsule and driven to the bottom of the hole.

Cured HaC adhesive is non-toxic. It does not dissolve in water.

All the adhesive components needed for secure bonding of rebar are premeasured and filled in the HaC glass capsule.
No guesswork or messy mixing of chemicals on the job-site. Error-proof mixing means 100% safety.
A range of capsule sizes covers every rehar size -(he correct dosage for every hole is assured.
No complicated procedures to follow. Simply Insert HaC Capsule in a cleaned drill-hole and hammer in the raber.
No special installation tools needed.

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