Pneumatic : B+BTEC HaC/ThunderRods

HaC/ThunderRods: the easiest and fastest way to achieve high-strength anchorage of threaded rods and safe fastening of attachments to concrete.
The thin-walled HaC glass is designed to shatter into small fragments and not large shards. The glass fragments reinforce the bonding matrix and provide a scrubbing effect that cleans the wall of the drill-hole thereby enhancing chemical bonding and keying effects.
Free flowing viscosity assures proper mixing of the adhesive and thorough coating of all bonding surfaces
The HaC liquid adhesive works on the displacement principle. Excess resin will emerge from the hole to provide visual proof of full bonding and proper installation. This cuts the cost of site supervision.
May be used in either carbide drilled or diamond cared holes.
No need to buy any special installation tools.
Cured HaC adhesive is completely resistant to acidic and alkaline ground water conditions. Its non-toxicity makes HaGThunderROds suitable for potable water projects.

B+BTEC HaC Hammer Capsule is a two-pot structural adhesive contained in a special glass capsule. The adhesive is based on epoxy-acrylate resin and is designed for use as a high strength, fast -cure and non-shrink anchoring material. The HaC capsule is placed in a hole drilled in hardened concrete. The liquid resin and resin hardener components are combined and catalysed when the rod bolt anchor is hammered into the capsule and driven to the bottom of the hole. The adhesive hardens quickly to form a solid bond with the bolt and the surrounding concrete, creating a high-strength anchor.

Tenn ThunderRods are threaded rod bolts and are manufactured in four material specifications. They range in size from M8 to M30. Each ThunderRod is supplied with a nut and a washer.

Ready-to-use.... all the chemical components needed for secure anchoring are premeasured and filled in the HaC glass capsule.
The correct dosage for every hole is assured every time.
No complicated procedures to follow..... simply insert HaC Hammer Capsule in a drilled hole and hammer in ThunderRod. There isno need to twist or turn the anchor rod.
Full bonding is assured every time by the HaC liquid resin which flows easily from the bottom up to the mouth of the hole, filling all the irregularitiesalong the wall of the hole and the surface of the bolt.

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