Tenn Chem-Granite Super

Tenn Chem-Granite Super is a structural grade adhesive designed for mortaring threaded rods and rebars to concrete.

Based on acrylated epoxy resin, Chem-GraniteSuper is a special formulation optimised for bond strength, cure speed and creep resistance. It combines into one product all the advantages found in traditional epoxy and polyester adhesives.

Tenn Chem-Granite Super is presented in special pump cartridges of 380 ml capacity. Pre-measured amounts of epoxy acrylafe resin and a resin hardener are housed in separate compartments inside the cartridge. Thecartridge manifold is threaded to accept a screw-on nozzle. Using a special dispensinggun, the chemical components are co-extruded into the nozzle where they are blended to form the Chem-Granite Super mortar.

An anchorage is made by injecting the mixed Chem-Granite Super adhesive to fill between 1 /2 to zla of the hole. The anchor (threaded rod or racer) is hand-rotated into the mortar until reaching the bottom of the hole. The twisting motion centers the anchor, distributes and packs the mortar onto the surfaces of the tabor and the wall of the hole. The mortar cures quickly to solidly bond the rebar to the surrounding concrete mass.

Aggressive bonding mortar
Insensitive to vibration
Insensitive to moisture, may be used in damp or wet holes
Resistant to a wide range of commonly encountered chemicals, including acids
Reliable nozzle mixing
One cartridge for all sizes of refer
Predictable and calculable performance

Gains working strength in 45 minutes
Fast installation time -gells in 5 minutes at 25°C
Exceptionally high pull-out strengths
No special measuring or mixing equipment needed. Use with standard dispensing gun
Cured Chem-Granite Super adhesive is non- toxic, does not dissolve in water-suitable for use in water supply projects

Where To Use


• Anchoring debar, bolts, threaded rods, railings and pipes

• Concrete, solid brickwork and rock

• Horizontal. vertical and overhead surfaces.
• Interior or exterior

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